About us

We are a recognised organisation within the Conservative Party offering members who are interested in Industrial and Workplace matters an unrivalled opportunity to learn and to have their voice heard.

With  places at the Party Conference and Spring Forum we all have the opportunity to make our views known to the party membership as a whole.

All members, throughout the country, can attend the quarterly meetings in different parts of the country when there is discussion on various topics including the CPF topic of the time

Each year the membership undertake a project on some aspect of workplace issues, sending the results to the relevant Minister and other interested parties.

Membership is open to all members of the Conservative Party who are working in some respect, his includes employees, employers, managers, company directors, self-employed, school governors and local councillors

Members are encouraged to join and play a full part in any relevant Union or Professional organisation connected with their work and in the work of their local Conservative Association.